Paid Support

Paid Support is the easiest way to integrate and manage payments for your support tickets.

About AddOns

This add-on is a tightly integrated payment collection with the actual support ticket. It offers options to easily up-sell users when they do not have an existing support contract or have exhausted their support quota. It shows support types like technical support services such as Maintenance, Virtual Assistant services, or any other service that requires tracking a “support” ticket of some kind.
Admin will check the paid support check-box and select the support type against a number of tickets that he want to take support.

no of tickets

Submit Ticket Info
User can submit the tickets information for getting the support. That will show to users about paid support info like order id, product name, total tickets and remaining tickets.

submit ticket info

Support Type
User can select the paid support type. It will sell subscriptions and access to one-off tickets that tie into the JS help-desk ticketing system.After that it will automatically redirect users to the new ticket form after purchasing a subscription or one-off ticket token.

support type

Support Detail
It will show the overall support detail about the users orders. It shows order number, product name, total tickets, remaining tickets, subscription, subscription on and product support expiry.

support detail

Paid Support
User will check which type of support he want. If he want paid support then he enable the paid support check-box.

paid support

Paid Support Type
After paid checkbox enabled, user will check the paid support type for the product. Users will also select the number of tickets for this paid support.

paid support type

It will redirect users automatically to your store if they do not have a current subscription. Sell standard products in the same store as your subscriptions.


Version History
Here is the detailed version history below
arrowSecurity update.
arrowBug fixes.
arrowSecurity update.
arrowSecurity fix.
arrowAdd woocommerce subcategory for product listing.
arrowBug fix, if mail plugin deactivated.
arrowError fix, if mail plugin deactivated.
arrowSecurity update.
arrowPaid support woocommerce fix.
arrowImprove translation.
arrowImprove installation.
arrowJust release 1.
  • WordPress 5.5 or greater
  • JS Help Desk latest version