Add agents and assign roles and permissions to provide assistance and support to customer support tickets.

About AddOns

Agent plays an important role for help desk and provide assistance to users associated with support system. By adding this add on, add multiple agents and assign permissions to facilitate users against their tickets. Moreover agents can create ticket, delete ticket, close ticket and can performs all the actions that are allowed to them by admin.
Admin Side
Admin can create unlimited agents and assign roles to them and set permissions respectively to facilitate users for their queries and Tickets. Moreover admin can set different permissions for different agents like create tickets,close ticket, delete ticket, ban email and etc.

admin agents

Add Agent
Add multiple agents and assign roles and set permissions respectively. Each agent may have different permissions set by admin.

add agents

Agent Permission
Around more than 30+ agent permissions associated with support ticket and help desk are managing by admin. Admin can assign different roles and permissions based on agent skills.

agents permission

Ticket Reply
Agent can reply to any ticket which is assign to him.

agents ticket reply

Ticket Actions
Multiple actions like open ticket, close ticket, print ticket, over due ticket on each ticket are manageable by admin.

agents ticket actions

Version History
Here is the detailed version history below
arrowAdd multiform functionality.
arrowFix Agent popup list bug.
arrowSupport social login.
arrowSorting bug fix.
arrowImplement session.
arrowImplement cookies.
arrowImprove translation.
arrowImprove installation.
arrowAdd helptopic and department for agents.
arrowAdd support for Private Credentials addon.
arrowAdd support for WooCommerce addon.
arrowJust release.