By using Envato Validation addon, without valid Envato license clients won’t be able to open a new ticket.

About AddOns

With the Envato Validation addon, you can limit ticket submissions to your actual clients. By asking for their Envato purchase code, the plugin will Validate Envato licenses before allowing a user to open a ticket. It offers single product support, multiple products support and pre-product support.

Admin adds the configuration for Envato Validation add-on. If you are supporting the envato products, then it’s really easy to set up the Envato Validation add-on. You just need to provide your Envato username and valid API key along with the Product ID that you are providing support for.

admin config

Frontend Form
A form will display to users for submitting the tickets for enavto products. User will have to fill all the required fields for submitting the envato products tickets.

frontend form

Envato Error
After Envato product ticket submission, if the purchase code exist then it will generate the tickets otherwise it will show error message for no purchase found with that code.

envato error

After the specified time interval, the support of any product will expire. If the user enters product detail on envato then it will show error message for support of this envato license has expired.


Envato License
After the product purchase from enavto, it will show to users’ the overall envato license about product. In Envato License overall detail of product like license key, product id, item, purchase date, license type, and product support duration.

envato license